Take control of your online orders - all of your delivery services together

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The hub for delivering online orders

Restaurants are using delivery services to grow their business. But more services means dealing with more devices and a mess of wires. Our tablet-friendly app consolidates all your delivery orders into one screen.

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The command center for your delivery business

Gain insight that helps you take action across your connected services and locations. Simply connect your services and see everything together in one easy-to-understand place.

Explore o Gestor de Pedidos

Understand your menu performance

Find out which items are driving growth for your business, or how your entire menu performs each week

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Never miss an order again

Automatically accept all incoming orders, or simply pause all your online orders when you need a break

Explore o Gestor de Pedidos

Find out how much you're actually paying in commissions

Gain clarity into how much you are paying to your food delivery partners - Otter consolidates everything into one dashboard

Explore o Business Manager

...and much more

Additional features available in Otter

Pause orders

Pause new orders on all your delivery services.

Track delivery couriers

See the courier's information when they are assigned, track delivery times, and improve the order hand-off for a more efficient operation.

Understand any issues

Stay informed. Everything from cancellations to connection problems is surfaced in the app so you don't miss a thing.

Custom flows

Align the app with the way you work.

Early order indication

Let couriers know if an order is ready early, so that customers receive fresher food faster.

Simplified reporting

Receive minute-by-minute metrics on your orders through our powerful Analysis & Tools dashboard.

Customizable prep times

Receive full screen notifications with the ability to modify the preparation time for each order.

Outsourced couriers

Streamline how you work with third-party delivery personnel to complete orders.